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Emergency Prescriptions

Homewell Practice policy regarding Emergency Prescriptions

As a surgery, we require a minimum of 3 working days to process a patients request for medication. This is to allow the GP adequate time to review and process to ensure patient safety. This is carried out by the patient registered GP, unless the registered GP is away from the surgery, in this case, the prescription request will be passed to a member of their buddy group. Providing ‘emergency prescriptions’ on the same day as it is requested, is managed to support patient safety by keeping surgery interruptions to an absolute minimum, allowing GPs to work un-interrupted to prevent detrimental effects on the service we provide.

When requesting an ‘emergency prescription’ on a Friday, and the patient nominated pharmacy is not open on a Saturday (for example, Octapharm), patient’s may wish to nominate a different pharmacy to collect their medication from as a one-off. This will not affect the usual route of where patient’s prescriptions are sent in the future. If a patient requires an ‘emergency prescription’ out of surgery hours (or the surgery cannot process the prescription within surgery hours due to the late in the day request), the patient will be signposted to 111 to issue an ‘emergency prescription’.

The GP Partners have reviewed the medicines that the surgery prescribes and have produced a list of medications deemed as urgent. If the medication you are prescribed is not listed, your medication will not be issued as urgent. Your request will be processed routinely within 3 working days. A code will be added to your clinical record, followed with a letter sent reiterating our policy.

The following are emergency medication, these are medications that the patient could endure harm within 3 working days by missing the doses.

  • Salbutamol/Ventolin, Ipratropium, Terbutaline/Bricanyl
  • GTN spray – Glyceryl trinitrate
  • Medications for Anti-arrhythmic/arrhythmic medication – Propranolol/Flecanide/Atenolol – Verapamil / Diltiazem / Amiodarone / Bisoprolol, Propranolol / Atenolol
  • Oral nitrates – Isosorbide Mononitrate (ISMN)
  • Insulin
  • Adrenaline pen – Epipen
  • Contraceptive pills (28 days supply will be provided)
  • Long term oral steroids (Prednisolone/Dexamethasone) if used as a daily
  • Palliative care patient medications (End of Life)
  • Lithium/Antipsychotics – Olanzapine, Risperidone
  • Medications that affect the immune system – Methotrexate/hydroxychloroquine
  • All anticoagulants – Warfarin/NOAC – Rivaroxaban / Apixaban
  • Parkinson’s disease medications
  • Anti-epileptics (only for Epilepsy, not for pain management) – Phenytoin/Sodium Valproate/Levetiracetam/Carbamazepine
  • Specialised baby milks

Holiday Medication

Holidays are normally booked weeks or months in advance, therefore when preparing for your holiday, please remember to process a request for your routine medication allowing the normal 3 working days for processing. We can only provide a maximum of 3 months medication and we may request a patient to provide documents to support this request. We are unable to provide emergency prescriptions for holiday medication.

Hospital Prescriptions

When you are seen at the hospital and are given a hospital prescription, you should not leave the hospital without attending the hospital pharmacy to collect the medication. A hospital prescription is not valid in community pharmacies. If the hospital pharmacy happens to be closed, you must make plans for the medication to be collected the next day. Please note, some hospital medications are not licensed to be prescribed in general practice. If the hospital doctor writes to the practice asking the GP to prescribe medication, we require 3 working days from receiving the letter to process the request.

Repeat Medication

Our surgery policy is to process and issue prescriptions within 3 working days and we are committed to doing this. Repeat medication can be requested through your nominated pharmacy, online or by the NHS app. We do not take prescription requests over the phone. Medication can be requested 7 days in advance, anything before this timeframe, the request will be rejected unless there is a valid reason as to why the request is early.

Please respect our staff

Our reception and administrative staff are to always follow this policy and they are not authorised to make any exceptions. Staff are not allowed to interrupt the duty GP during surgery. This policy is put in place to protect our patients and our staff, and we will not tolerate any abuse to or of our staff as they are following instructions given to them by the Partners.

Thank you for your co-operation

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