Car Parking

There are limited parking spaces directly outside the Health Centre. Please note that if you park in the car park directly outside the Health Centre you will need to input your registration on the electronic tablet at Reception. There is a parking tablet located at Reception as well as the Main Reception when you first walk in.

Please be aware that you will need to input your vehicle registration each time you visit the surgery.

This includes disabled badge holders

If you have any problems inputting these details please let any of our Receptionists know and they will assist you.

If you receive a parking notice for parking in this car park however you were at the surgery for an appointment at the time please contact reception as we can check our records to prove you were at an appointment. The receptionist will then give you evidence of the appointment in the form of a stamped appointment card.

If you have any further problems with your parking notice please contact Smart Parking directly as the Surgery cannot help any further. The contact details and reference number you need will be on the parking notice you receive.