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Homewell Practice – Patient Participation Group

We are committed to continuously looking for ways to enhance our service, focusing on delivering the best level of care for our patients and ensuring we focus on equality of access, prioritisation based on clinical need and delivering convenience where possible as per our mission statement.

We encourage constructive feedback and use this as an opportunity to improve the service we provide our patients. As a result, we are looking to recruit patients at the Practice to join our Patient Participation Group (PPG) which will include attending meetings with our Practice Manager & clinical team to be a voice for all patients, and put forward recommendations and ideas to contribute ideas to improve ways in which we run the Practice.

What is the purpose of a Patient Participation Group?

  • For patients to represent a wider patient group and making positive suggestions about the Practice.
  • To encourage health education activities within the Practice.
  • To give patients and staff a foundation to discuss topics of interest and prioritise improving healthcare.
  • Educating patients and promoting self help services.

These meetings will encourage open discussions and will enable our team to analyse our patient journey talking through multiple topics which are relevant to General Practice.

If you are a registered patient at Homewell Practice and interested in joining our PPG  please email the Practice Manager –

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