Important update

COVID Vaccines
We are following JCVI guidelines as inviting patients in priority order. If you are eligible you will receive an invite in due course, please follow the booking instructions which you will receive by text message. If you do not have a smart phone and cannot click the link or do not have a mobile, don’t worry, we will know you have not booked an appointment and we will call you to book an appointment shortly. Please do not contact us at this time.

Read the latest information about the Flu and COVID vaccination programmes.



Mission statement

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Our mission

At Homewell we are committed to organising everything we do to best serve our patients, with a focus on ensuring equality of access, prioritisation based solely on clinical need and delivering convenience for patients wherever possible.

Why this makes us different

Patients can contact us 24/7 with any enquiry they may have via PC, smartphone or telephone. Your enquiry will automatically be routed to the best person to meet your need so you only have to tell your story once. Where appropriate we will endeavour to address your enquiry without requiring you to travel in to the surgery. Where you need to see a clinician, we will strive to ensure that you will have sufficient time with a clinician to address your concerns fully.

The simplest and quickest way to reach your GP to book an appointment, or for anything else, is online via the link below.
To receive the outstanding care that we give to our patients, please register with us. All registration applications can be completed online, or at our surgery. To complete our online registration form, please use the link below.
If you have a query related to test results or a prescription please click the button below. If you have any other reason to contact the surgery, you can also use the link below to get the help you require.